Ice Bars

Stylish and functional party additions

Ice Art has hand carved hundreds of unique ice bars and ice luges for birthdays, cocktail parties, corporate events, weddings and other special occasions. Offering customised designs, we are not limited by theme – we can sculpt an ice sculpture to perfectly suit your requirements.

Why choose Ice Art for your party or special occasion?

  • Always on time:

Your ice creation will be delivered as scheduled and set up before guests arrive.

  • No mess:

Your ice sculpture will include a drip tray to catch the water as it melts.

  • Custom designs:

We can sculpt any design or theme, so you’re only limited by your imagination.

Three great ice options for your event

Here are three popular ice sculpture ideas you may wish to consider:

Ice bars

Ice bars come in all shapes and sizes! They are very popular for birthdays, corporate events, Christmas parties, buck’s and hen’s nights, and lots of other carefree occasions. Both stylish and functional, ice bars look spectacular and help to keep your beverages chilled throughout the event.

Ice luges

An ice luge is a great addition for any bar or party, offering a fun and frivolous way to pour drinks. How it works: a channel is carved into your ice sculpture, giving liquid a passageway through which it can be poured, before being caught in a glass at the other end. It’s a great novelty for partygoers!

Cocktail ice

Looking for a stylish yet practical way to prepare drinks? Try our cocktail ice. Ice Art regularly delivers large blocks of pure drinking ice to venues all around Brisbane. Bartenders can then simply chip off ice pieces from the ice block and add it to drinks – it’s raw, rustic and a total crowd-pleaser.

Need some inspiration? View our gallery and discover the possibilities!

Take your party to the next level with an ice bar!
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