Live Carvings

Liven up your event with one of these crowd-pleasers…

Ice Art is regularly asked to perform ice carving demonstrations for the public as a form of live entertainment. As passionate craftsmen, we love giving people the chance to see how it’s done.

The process of transforming raw blocks of pure ice into striking shapes and designs is always a crowd-pleaser. Plus, the finished masterpiece will continue to amaze onlookers for hours to come.

Why choose Ice Art for a live ice carving demonstration?

  • Always on time:

We will arrive and begin the live carving on time and as scheduled.

  • No mess:

Your completed ice sculpture will include a drip tray to catch the water as it melts.

  • Custom designs:

We can sculpt any design or theme, so you’re only limited by your imagination.

Live ice carving is great entertainment for any venue

We have performed live carvings in shopping centres, outdoor malls, theme parks and other locations all around Queensland. We can carve ice indoors or outdoors. Our team are incredibly professional and can perform extraordinary ice sculpting feats under pressure.

Need some inspiration? View our gallery and see our live carving in action!

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